Pet Video Verify

Revolution for our furry friends and pet owner

Lost And Found Pets

Video Identification For Lost And Found Pets

Patent Pending video identification system for your pet.  This changes how lost pets are found and returned.

Pet Medical Records

Pet medical records accessible From any device like a smartphone 

Keep your pet medical records in the cloud.  You have 24x7 access to crucial records that helps especially in emergency situations.  

Pet Items For Sale

pet items for sale by The Owner To Other Users In The Cloud

Sell your pet items that you no longer need to other users on Pet Video Verify.  This saves you time and money!


Lost Dogs Lost Cats

Pet Video Verify is changing how you manage your pet.  Pet owners everywhere want applications that make it easier to keep their pet happy and healthy.  You want instant access to vital information about your pet when you need it.  Pet Video Verify's innovations are doing exactly that!

Pet Video Verify patent pending video identification system is changing the way that lost and found pets are returned to the owner.  Lost and found pets are a huge problem today, 1 in 3 pets in their lifetime will become lost.  Methods used today simply doesn't work that well.  Pet Video Verify's pet video identification is changing this.  This process is completely safe for your pet and relies on attributes that your pet was born with!

Pet Video Verify also has an application for you to keep up with your pet's medical records.  Having 24x7 access to these records is crucial especially if your pet has a health emergency.  You can even access them from your smartphone, giving you peace of mind!

Pet Video Verify has an application that allows you to sell pet items that you no longer need to other users.  You can now easily get rid of old pet items that you don't need and make money you wouldn't otherwise have!

Pet Coupons is another useful utility that Pet Video Verify users have access to.  These pet coupons are from major pet item retailers!  You can save money on new pet items that you need by using these coupons!


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