Pet Video Verify, Inc. is a revolutionary way to keep your pet or any animal safe. It's proprietary software uses the power of the Internet and centralized computing to achieve this. Its community is made up of pet lovers who are willing to utilize this resource to keep their pets safe. There are currently three parts of this version's web based software. They include the following:

PET VIDEO IDENTIFICATION FOR LOST AND FOUND PETS Lost And Found Pets. The owner looks over the pet or animal and identifies any unique attributes that him or her has. After identifying the unique attributes, the owner then uses a video recording device and takes a video of the pet narrating it, paying attention to the unique attributes. After filming the identification video of the animal, you then convert the video to a MP4 format and upload the video to your pet's profile (Pet Video Verify can convert the video for you after you upload the video). If your pet becomes lost, you then markyour pet lost on the site and the pet is included in the lost pet list. If someone finds your lost and found pets they can view the lost pet list, view your pet identification video, positively identify your pet, and contact you.

A list of unique attributes to look for on your pet are and when done in combination on the identification video can identify virtually any pet:

Markings or special pet identity traits that are on the pet's body
Measuring the markings on the body and the body itself
Measuring the markings from a reference point like the head
Inside pet's mouth for markings, measurement of the actual mouth
Markings on the pet's teeth, the teeth's position or missing teeth, measurement of the pet's teeth
Markings on the pet's tongue, measurement of the tongue itself, position of the tongue
Markings on the pet's nose, measurement of the nose, how the nose moves
Markings on pet's eyes, measurements of eyes, how the eyes move
Markings on pet's legs, measurement of legs, how the legs move
Markings on pet's feet, measurement of the feet, how the feet move
Markings on pet's toenails
Markings on pet's tail, measurement of tail, how the tail moves
Markings on pet's ears, measurement of the ears, how the ears move
The way the pet runs
Sounds the pet makes, how the mouth moves in making the sounds
The way the pet responds to name or any sound being said by a person or anything else
The way the pet sits
The way the pet lies down
The way the pet sleeps
The way the pet jumps
Special tricks the pet does
The way the pet eats
The way the pet drinks
The type of hair and color of hair
The pet's medical conditions

The owner requests the pet medical records from their veterinarian. The owner then converts the pet medical records into an electronic format such as a pdf by scanning the document into a computer, take a picture of the document, or any other means. The owner then uploads the pet medical records to the pet's profile on the Pet Video Verify website. The pet medical record is then available for viewing or printing at anytime.

The owner adds a pet item for sale to the site under their profile. They describe the item and the condition it is in. They then can take a picture of the item and upload the picture to be included with the description. Other users of the site can then see the item for sale, the description, the picture, and then contact the seller by email if they are interested.