Approximately two years ago on an extremely cold February day, my husband and I became "lucky". Being an elderly couple, we had some voids in our life when our sons grew up and left home. Also, the death of our parents had an impact. My husband had gone to one of his hunting clubs which was located off a major highway. My husband was riding through a hunting area on his truck when he saw a dog some distance from his truck. He could tell the dog was shaking and might could freeze to death due to the cold temperatures. He decided to call the dog but felt the dog would not come near him. As soon as he called the little dog, he came running at a fast pace toward the truck and jumped in the front seat where it was warm. He has been riding often with my husband in the truck ever since that day. Most mornings my husband takes him when he goes out for coffee. When the dog arrived at our home, we could not decide on a name. Finally, someone in the family said, "How about Lucky!" He was certainly lucky that my husband found him, click here. The name has been perfect for him. We can tell by the look in his eyes that he is happy to live with us and is a very "Lucky" dog.
We took him to the vet to see if he had a chip. He did not, and I felt sorry for his owners. Another way of identifying pets might have gotten him with his owners, like at this website. We would have regretted to have to return him to his owners, but that would have been the proper thing to do. Lucky has brought much joy to our entire family, click here. Our grandchildren have always loved him and tells him how Lucky he is to be in our family. This dog has helped us through some challenging times. We will always love him for that, click here. He acts as if he knows my husband saved him. This dog truly loves my husband. If he is gone from Lucky for a day, this dog will pout and stand at the door looking for him a big portion of the day. When my husband returns, this dog leaps for joy, licking my husband and playing with him. The two will spend the evening being inseparable. What a joy to have Lucky!