Grumpy Cat

     One of the best and funniest pictures of a cat is the ones of Grumpy Cat. This cat looks like that no matter what is happening she is not having a good day. Grumpy Cat even has over 7 million likes on Facebook! Always looking at these pictures gives me a lift and makes me laugh. I always like the captions that are included. One of the best ones I have seen is a picture of the Grumpy Cat and the caption saying, "Unless Life Includes Sugar, Your Lemonade Is Going To Suck!" It just radiates how some humans take themselves too serious and think they are so superior but the Grumpy cat knows that the same lemonade they say you must drink, they wouldnt like it either. Who wouldn't think that is funny? It seems the Grumpy Cat is just getting more and more attention. A Grumpy Cat movie seems to be in the works. I wonder what this cat thinks with all the attention she is getting. Her owner probably showers her with treats and anything she needs. This is one cat that probably doesn't have to worry about being taken to the pound. I guess any one of those 7 million fans would take the Grumpy Cat at anytime and give her a good home! This cat just looks like it is ready to bite someone's head off at anytime! Even with this expression this cat is probably one of the happiest cats alive! One day I hope to have a cat like this as it would be great to give my family and friends a laugh! I would always look at this cat and laugh! Watching the spread of this cat all over the Internet just shows how any animal or any person can become an overnight celebrity no matter where you live or where you are from. It would be great to see a television show comedy that would star the Grumpy Cat and how the Grumpy Cat thinks as she has to deal with human's day in and day out. People would probably absolutely love the show! Maybe, even have a TV show like American Idol in which the Grumpy Cat was a judge! The contestants would have to step their game up! They should also make a game in which you help the Grumpy Cat steer her daily life and her dealings with humans! That would be funny and a great stress reliever for any people! I hope by writing this that the Grumpy Cat will know that she has a great fan in me. I love searching for her pictures and see how her image is being used in a funny scenario. There even seems to be a website with a picture of the Grumpy Cat where you can type in a caption and it will print that text with the image. You can send this to your friends and give them a great laugh. Heres to Grumpy Cat and future laughs!