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Stephen West Founder and CEO at Pet Video Verify


A Message From Our Founder And CEO, Stephen West

"When I started Pet Video Verify, I promised that I would engage in Philanthropy where I and my company could make a difference. I spent 11 years of my career working for the United States Housing And Urban Development and the Affordable Housing industry, where I helped build a paperless information technology system that was seen as revolutionary in the industry. Through that position I was able to see the impact of homelessness not only on the people who were in various stages of homelessness in the United States but the impact it had on society as a whole. Pet Video Verify has recently connected with manufacturers of Tiny Homes in which we now sell on our “Supplies For You And Your Pet” website and mobile app. I have a personal belief that Tiny Homes can make a significant impact in solving homelessness not only in the United States but all over the world, so I am pledging that Pet Video Verify will work with any non-profit organization that has interest in using Tiny Homes to help solve homelessness around the world. Pet Video Verify will sell these Tiny Homes to these organizations at our costs (no profit) with the understanding that within a certain time that they will be occupied by a person or persons that is currently experiencing homelessness. Pet Video Verify will also require that the person or persons who occupy these homes agree to adopt at least one pet that is in a kill shelter. I personally view this as a win-win situation for Pet Video Verify, homeless people and pets around the world! I encourage anyone who receives this email to forward this email to a non-profit organization that we can work with on this. These organizations can contact Pet Video Verify at this email address, support@petvideoverify.com, and we will get in touch with them. We would love to work with them and make an impact on the world in which we and our pets live.

My Best To You And Your Pets,
Stephen West
Founder And CEO of Pet Video Verify Inc.”