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Watch Meow - A Video Site for Serious Cat Lovers

Wherever you look, it's like the entire Internet is made of cats. You've got some of the world's cutest kittens curled up on your Facebook wall, clever cats and crazy felines leaping, dancing, and skateboarding across all your favorite video sites, and enough cat-themed memes to fill an entire neighborhood with cats lining up to order cheeseburgers, peeking out from between ceiling tiles or lifting up a set of blinds with one paw to get a better look at everyone who walks up to their door, and reacting to everything in the world with the most charming smiles, scowls, and surprised green eyes that you can imagine. The only problem? You have to sift through a lot of content to get to the the cat videos that make your heart purr. And honestly, if you're like us, you don't want to spend a lot of frustrating time looking for the playtime moments and adorable antics that perk up your day. That's why we came up with
Watch Meow, a curated site where you can enjoy the best cat videos from around the world without all that extra searching. Whenever you're looking for a reminder of the way your cat at home tries to get your attention when she wants to play, the way your childhood kitten napped on your windowsill during summer afternoon and spent all night batting at air molecules and drifting dust while you were trying to sleep, or the reason that you want to adopt half of the beautiful tabbies, calicoes, and tuxedoed toms at your local shelter, Watch Meow will give you the perfect way to add those warm, fuzzy friends and all of the warm, fuzzy feelings that come with them to the rest of your day. We look for all the cute, heartwarming, and wildly unique cat videos that stand out on today's content-flooded Internet, keep all your old favorites in one place so you don't have to go bouncing around YouTube, and share all of the freshest content that we can put together, including a live stream of our very own trio of active, lovable kitties. The clips and short movies on our website turn each of these cat-powered moments into bite-sized entertainment that you can enjoy with your coffee break or over the quick lunch you're eating at your desk. Tune in to our newsletter and our social media feeds if you want us to let you know when our newest clips, special videos, and other experiences are available for you to watch. We have a Facebook page where you can like, love, and exchange squeals of "That's so cute!" with your family, friends, and new acquaintances, a Twitter feed where you can get immediate updates on the sweetest moments that we're capturing on video and streaming around the world, and regular emails stuffed with links and teasers that will tempt you out of your busy inbox for a few minutes of fluffy fun.